LithoGold™ with Siemens Imaging

Compact, lightweight and ergonomic design

  • Light weight for maximum maneuverability even in tight environments
  • Hand hold on image intensifier for easy and accurate C-arm positioning out of the sterile area
  • Ergonomic steering handles facilitate daily work
  • Concealed cables permit fast and easy aseptic preparation and post-operative cleaning of its surfaces

Color coded brakes and scales

  • One defined color for every brake handle
  • Intuitive, fast and efficient orientation for the OR staff

The control panel

  • Easy to clean membrane keyboard; water and cleaning fluid resistant
  • syngo function keys:
    • Fast access to clinical patient data
    • Comfortable navigation through the image systems

The monitor cart

  • Ergonomic handles make it easy to move
  • Flat-screen monitors allow for an unobstructed view during transport
  • Integrated cable deflectors on the cart wheels for locking wheel brakes for secure immobilization
  • DICOM Networking and Interfacing
  • Full DICOM compatibility
  • All OR relevant services available
  • Flexible and easy upgradeability
  • NaviLink 2D Real-time DICOM transfer for performance and quality
  • Image request on navigation system in sterile condition
  • Connectivity checks for data transmission reliability