The German engineered LithoGold™ sets the “Gold standard” in urologic stone treatment. Using electrohydraulic (spark gap) technology and the SmartTrode® intelligent electrode, which automatically adjusts for the selected energy level, the LithoGold delivers the most consistent shockwave of all lithotripsy devices.

LithoGold technology also offers the optimum shockwave dynamics on the market, with focal dimensions of 17 X 101 mm and a penetration depth of 165 mm. The LithoGold utilizes this enormous focal zone to engulf and implode the kidney stone. This eliminates the need to chase stone fragments through the kidney thus reducing the number of re-treatments. The large focal zone also allows the shockwave to pass through the body without causing as much trauma or tissue damage as other lithotripters. These benefits make the LithoGold the most versatile and efficient lithotripter in the industry.

The LithoGold uses the Siemens imaging system which includes the ARCADIS Varic C-Arm, display, x-ray tube, and imaging chain, as well as the Siemens patient positioning system with dual, full cysto capabilities and a support capacity of up to 200 Kg (446 lbs.). To learn more click here.