The UroGold 100™ device is characterized by its compact size and modern design. This leads to an especially easy transport and comfortable handling of the device during treatment.
Premium materials and the latest MTS technology guarantee high-quality Spark Waves for an ideal treatment process. MTS offers different applicators for the various indications ranging from an unfocused applicator (OP155) for the treatment of CPPS and ED to an either soft-focused (OE035) or focused applicator (OE050) for the treatment of IPP.

Beneficial Features:

Indications for  UroGold 100™:

The advantages of the treatment with the UroGold 100™ device are its versatile and professional applicators which make it easy to repeat the treatment on a regular basis. The therapy of urogenital indications is uncomplicated to conduct and highly tolerable for the patient. Shock wave therapy features a long-term effectiveness so as to provide a high degree of satisfaction for both patients and physicians.

UroGold 100

  • Erectile dysfunction (ED)
  • Peyronie's disease - IPP (Induratio penis plastica)
  • Chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CPPS) / Chronic prostatitis

Comfortable Outpatient Treatment:

The treatment of IPP, ED and CPPS is carried out on an outpatient basis. Dependent on the indication, the shock waves are applied onto the affected area that has been determined upfront through ultrasound, palpation or anatomical knowledge. Most importantly, the shock wave therapy with UroGold 100™ is pain-free and thus requires no anaesthesia. No side effects have been reported for the shock wave treatment of urogenital disorders.


The UroGold 100™ represents an innovative treatment
option that utilizes the biological effects of shock waves by stimulating the self-healing mechanism of the affected tissue on cellular level. Shock waves promote the generation of new blood vessels and the release of angiogenic growth factors. It has been shown that they also initiate the migration of stem cells and therefore help improve the blood flow in the treated area. In addition, Shock wave-induced revascularization processes can alleviate pain. The combination of all mentioned factors leads to reductions in muscle tension, spasticity and pain for CPPS as well as the long-term recovery of the erection function of the patient. The reduction of plaque size and improvement of penile angulation is another healing factor for patients with IPP.
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