Dermagold 100™

The first therapy system to specifically utilize the biologic effects of shock waves. Demagold 100 offers revolutionary new treatment for chronic and traumatic wounds and skin lesions.

Dermagold’s soft focused MultiWave™ technology combines heat, electromagnetic acoustic, and light energies to stimulate certain biologic effects crucial to wound healing:
  • Improved vascularity
  • Promotion of NO (nitric oxide)
  • Promotion of growth factors (VEGF, BMP's, OP's, etc.)
  • Migration (and differentiation) of stem cells

Innovative Applicator

Intensive research by MTS engineers produced an innovative soft focused shock wave applicator designed specifically for skin indications,  Based on proven MTS technology, . the Dermagold™ applicator delivers the specific energy volume and energy distribution specially required for treatment of skin lesions. 

Treatment without Anesthesia

Because of the Dermagold™ applicator’s broad surface distribution of the treatment energy, the pain usually associated with shock wave treatment is significantly reduced.   Thus Dermagold™ treatment for skin lesions does not require anesthesia.  The number of treatments needed depends on the indication and on the wound surface. 

Patented Technology

Dermagold™ uses patented SmartTrode intelligent electrode technology. The SmartTrode adjusts itself automatically for the selected level of output power to ensure consistent and effective shock waves and thus, optimal treatment quality.